The Ring’s the Thing

I want to say something. I take pictures on my phone. All. The. Time. I am a woman of the 21st century with a baby. 🙂

I would never shoot something for a client on my phone; For me, though? Or for something to share with my friend on social media? Yes… I use my phone all the time.

In the spirit of that, I want to show a picture that I took on my phone on the blog today. I still put it on the computer and edit it, just like I would any other image. I think it is just as pretty as any of my other images even though it is a camera that I wouldn’t use for everything. I’m celebrating photography in all of it’s stages and forms here, and I personally love having something close to capture things quickly when I need it!

Camera: iPhone 6s Camera

Lens: 4.15 mm f/2.2

Date: January 2016

Location: Tumwater, Washington



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