Rising from the Sand

This is Omaha Beach. For anyone who knows anything about World War II, I don’t have to explain the significance of this photo. You would know that this was one of the beaches that was attacked during the battle for Normandy. This is the starting point for the slow march and assault towards Paris. This was the turning point of the war.

This beach is special to me because it is the beach that my great grandfather came in on. The evening we came to it… it was calm. It was getting ready to rain, so there wasn’t anyone around. It was just humbling. There is so much energy there… you can feel it everywhere. I felt like I was being changed, just by looking at it. There were many times on this trip that I was close to crying… and this was one time that I shed a few tears.

I love the way the monument just looks as if it is rising up out of the sand. I love the way the sky is lit. I just love it.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T4i

Lens: 18-135 mm IS STM

Date: November 2013

Location: Normandy, France


“I have returned many times to honour the valiant men who died…every man who set foot on Omaha Beach was a hero.”
– Lieutenant General Omar Bradley 


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