Going on Forever

Something about this image reminds me a little of that movie Labyrinth. 🙂 Ok… It might be a stretch, but David Bowie aside, it has a bit of that visual strange-ness was was apparent all over that film. It is all about the illusion, and thinks not always being what they seem. How much is actually real?

The truth is… in this case, all of it. This image is completely unedited. Now, we all know it is just a trick of the eyes. It doesn’t really go on forever. But the columns of this monastery courtyard on Mont Saint-Michel provided just too much interest for me to walk on by. I LOVE it. I think it is beautiful and interesting, and though I am not great at creating it, I actually really do like seeing this kind of perfect visual symmetry. It is a wonderful example of point perspective, and that might even come in handy for my art students! I just can’t say enough about this image. 🙂

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T4i

Lens: 18-135 mm IS STM

Date: November 2013

Location: Normandy, France



























“If it looks real and feels real, do you think it matters if it’s real?” ― Daniel Nayeri


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