The Point of No Escape

You might have got this in the blog yesterday… but I’m just a little bit excited about Halloween and October. But really it has a lot to do with sharing a lot of these images that I wouldn’t put up normally.

I actually did a little horror-themed shoot for a project when I was working through design school, and that is where this image came from. Obviously I did some photoshop to it… I was a poor college kid at the time I was doing this shoot, and bribed all of my friends to come over and help me out with a promise of free food. So that means… that’s right! Every single image in this set was actually shot in my home at the time. Overall I loved the creepy effect of this image, and I think it really got across the point I was trying to make.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XS

Lens: Canon EF 75-300 mm

Date: October 2010

Location: Dayton, Ohio



























“Kill you all!” The clown was laughing and screaming. “Try to stop me and I’ll kill you all! Drive you crazy and then kill you all! You can’t stop me!” ― Stephen King


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