Dark Mysteries

It’s October! And that means some of the spooky, scary, or just plain weird pictures that I have been saving can finally come out of the woodwork! Yay! I’ll admit it… I’m a Halloween nut. I love the haunted houses… the scary movies… the costumes. It’s all so much fun! And this year I get to be a part of “Evil Dead: The Musical” over Halloween… which is even more fun! So needless to say, I’m very excited!

This first image to start off the month is actually from the REAL Frankenstein’s Castle. How cool is that! They have a celebration through the last part of the month of October every year with a fantastic haunted maze of sorts, drinks and food, and live music and shows. This is a shot of one of the stages. Notice the Noose. 🙂

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XS

Lens: Canon EF 75-300 mm

Date: October 2011

Location: Darmstadt, Germany


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”  ― L.M. Montgomery


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