I can’t say that I know a whole lot about ships. Or airplanes. Or cars. Well… really anything mechanical. However, I do understand the importance that these kind of ships played in history.

One of the best things about traveling with my hubby is that he DOES in fact know all of these things. I learned, while on this ship, that Greece did not actually build any battleships, but bought the one we were standing on from the US.  Apparently it is a former fletcher class that we sold them… whatever that means lol. Still, I enjoyed photographing it.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T4i

Lens: 18-135 mm IS STM

Date: June 2013

Location: Athens, Greece



























“I needed to join the Navy. If you ask the people in Europe who won World War II, they don’t say the Allies, they say the United States won the war and saved the world.” -Bob Feller 


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