It Came From the Deep

Now this image is really interesting. While in Athens, my hubby and I visited the National Archaeological Museum. There is a temporary exhibit there right now showing the wondrous treasures recovered from a shipwreck off the islet of Antikythera. Though the ship was sunk somewhere between 60-5o BC, most of the cargo was much older. Which brings me to the subject of this youth featured in the image.

Now, obviously when you are working with a wreck this old, a lot of artifacts are going to get either partially or completely buried when all of the sand settles. The other thing you will have to contend with is sea life. After that long at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea… life is going to get attached.  That is the story of this guy. Half of him, the smooth part, was buried in the sand and protected. But the other part, the part that makes him look a little like a decaying zombie, was exposed to the sea. As a result, not only does it give him kind of an eerie appearance, but I feel like it tells a story of two worlds. It’s beautiful.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T4i

Lens: 18-135 mm IS STM

Date: June 2013

Location: Athens, Greece



























“In many ways we are all sons and daughters of ancient Greece.” -Nia Vardalos


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