The Power of Prophecy

While staying in Athens, my husband and I took a couple of tours. One of them was here, to the mountainside ruins of Delphi.

Now for those of you who might not know, Delphi was hugely famous in the ancient world, mainly because of the Oracle that resided there. Though there were other oracles through Greek Mythology (and history), the one in Delphi, dedicated to the god Apollo, was the most important. This was the site where the god supposed slew the serpent Python, and took control of the center of the earth. Apollo spoke through his oracle here, and she would, in a state of ecstasy, rave so that the priests on site could interprete, and give a prophecy to the asker of the question. Everyone from major kings to the poorest man visited Delphi, making it a political center that helped make some of the most important decisions of ancient times.

What you see in this picture is two sets of remains. The hike in Delphi is quite long, and goes very steeply vertical, as to create an impression of greatness and power on the souls who would make the trek up.The first set, in the front, are actually Roman Ruins of a small agora-like marketplace. The second, rising in the back, is the ruins of the temple of Apollo, where the Oracle actually resided. Pretty Cool, huh?

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T4i

Lens: 18-135 mm IS STM

Date: June 2013

Location: Delphi, Greece



























“The ancient Oracle said that I was the wisest of all the Greeks. It is because I alone, of all the Greeks, know that I know nothing.” 
― Socrates


2 thoughts on “The Power of Prophecy

    • Thank you! I have loved, respected, and been fascinated by Greek Culture since I was very young. It was dream come true to come and visit all of the places I had read about in my books.

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