Pieces of Eight

Believe it or not, this image was actually taken from a ferry boat. My husband and I decided when we were planning this vacation that we didn’t want to stay just tied to Athens. Therefore, we have pictures from a lot of different places! This was from when we were on our way to the Greek Island of Mykonos.

As we traveled through the islands, we made almost a little game out of finding the most “pirate-y” looking boats we could. Naturally… that means I have a lot of pictures of random little boats on my camera. 🙂 However, what really made this one in particular stick out to me was beautiful movement that is being captured. You can actually see the strength of the wind in the sails and the path that the boat is traveling on. You can almost feel the movement in the water just looking at how it chops into waves. That is what I think makes it so beautiful to me.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T4i

Lens: 18-135 mm IS STM

Date: June 2013

Location: Mykonos, Greece


“Happy is the man, I thought, who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean sea.” 
― Nikos Kazantzakis


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