Forget-Me-Not’s are my favorite kind fo flower. Not only are they the state flower of Alaska, where I lived briefly in high school (and fell in love with the nature and beauty of the place), but I loved what they stood for. All flowers have symbolis, of some kind, and after losing many people in my life, I liked the idea of having something to remind me never to forget. This is why I actually have a forget-me-not tattoo on my leg.

This picture was on a little day trip my hubby and I took last week. It was beautiful hiking trail, and it’s authentic German food just made for a really lovely day. They had wild flowers growing on the side of the hill and I actually picked some of the forget-me-nots I found so I could press them in a book. This was the before shot. 🙂

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T4i

Lens: 18-135 mm IS STM

Date: June 2013

Location: Kloster Kreuzberg, Germany



























“I would like to use this little flower as a metaphor. The five petals of the little forget-me-not flower prompt me to consider five things we would be wise never to forget….first, forget not to be patient with yourself…second, forget not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice…third, forget not to be happy now…fourth, forget not the why of the gospel…fifth, forget not that the Lord loves you.” 
― Dieter F. Uchtdorf


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