VERY Inspiring Blogger?!

Hello All,

Well I was shocked when my phone buzzed last night as I was getting ready for bed and I found myself staring at a request for comment moderation; this was especially true when I realized it said that I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I wasn’t even really aware awards and stuff like this existed! Therefore, I really want to give a shout-out to chloebarkerr for sending the nomination my way. I could not be more honored that you would include me in one of the 15 blogs that you find inspiring. As I have said before, I love art and photography, and if even just one person looks at my work and feels happy or inspired, then I can feel like I’m doing a good job. All this being said, let’s not out some of these rules, shall we?

The rules that come with this award are:

  • Display The Award logo on your blog.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • State 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link back to them.
  • Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements











All Right… now 7 things about myself.

  1. I go by BG on this website, which stands for Batgirl. It was a nickname my dad gave me when I was a little girl, and I have kept it ever since. I also write another blog that I have been working on for over a year (though it has been a bit neglected as of late because of this blog) called Batgirl and Green Lantern. It’s a lifestyle blog about me and my army husband’s life together. Check it out here.
  2. I have an associates, a bachelor’s, and a masters degree. They are in Graphic Design, Mass Communication, and Marketing.
  3. I am a fairly enthusiastic person; I love photography, pin-ups, tattoos, dancing, art, good design, and my husband. 🙂
  4. I am a self-proclaimed foodie! I love to eat, and I love to cook (though that comes as a shock to the people I grew up around since I spent my childhood screaming and running from the kitchen).
  5. I am an avid reader. I love the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series. My favorite individual books (not part of a series) are Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, The Rossetti Letter by Christi Phillips, and The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.
  6. My favorite kinds of music is split nicely into three parts: musicals, big band swing/jazz, and classic rock. It makes my iphone a really interesting place to get out because you quite literally never know what you are going to get next.
  7. Even though I am a super hero nut, read graphic novels and comics, and own almost even super hero movie ever made, my favorite movie is NOT a superhero movie. It is A Knight’s Tale (Circa 2001) starring the late Heath Ledger.

Now, for the blogs that I have chosen to nominate. The spread a wide field of topics, and I love each and everyone for different reasons. There are brilliant photographers, beautiful designers and marketers, wonderful military wives and mothers, creative artists, savvy chefs, and proud geeks. They speak to all pieces and portions of my personality, and I truly send out these nominations with all the goodwill in my heart. In no particular order, here they are:

Have a great day everyone!


5 thoughts on “VERY Inspiring Blogger?!

  1. I’m always thrilled and humbled when anyone nominates me for an award. It’s so lovely to feel that what I write and create is interesting or inspiring to others….and it still always amazes me a little. Thanks for the nomination and the link back….and I promise to get round to doing my bit soon 🙂 Congratulations on your own great blog

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