Touch the Sky

This picture depicts the Zugspitze. For those of you who might not know, Germany and Austria are bordered with a section of the Alps mountain range. This mountain, Zugspitze, is the highest Mountain within the German borders. While visiting Garmish last year, we decided to make the trip up the mountain to see what we could see. Now I wasn’t much for hiking at the time since I was awaiting a knee surgery, but we found a lift to take us to the top. Not surprisingly, it produced beautiful views.

I love this picture because of the sharp edges and contrast between the rock of the mountain and the white of the snow. It also has a good depth to it with the variance of the mountain range.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XS

Lens: 15-55 mm IS

Date: February 2012

Location: Garmish-Partenkirchen, Germany


“Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery.”  -John Ruskin 







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