After I moved to Germany to be with my husband, he decided to get me a kitten. My family was raised with dogs. Though I had always wanted a cat, my brother had been allergic, so it never happened. Living with Nora was definitely a new experience. She was wild and excited like a puppy, then turn around and feel me an attitude that I had never experienced from an animal before.  She’s quiet when she’s happy, and loud as hell when she is mad or thinks she needs something. I took picture after picture of her, documenting her as she grew up in our house.

Even though living with a cat is less like living with a child and more like living with a roommate, I really came to appreciate her being in the house. Beside, they are always cute when they are babies. 🙂

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XS

Lens: 15-55 mm IS

Date: January 2012

Location: Bad Windsheim, Germany


“A kitten is chiefly remarkable for rushing about like mad at nothing whatever, and generally stopping before it gets there.” -Agnes Repplier 




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