With this Ring

Most of my photography experience comes from the 5 years I spent working in a wedding studio. Here I worked with many people who would become my mentors as I started trying to shoot on my own. I also learned valuable techniques for editing, color correcting, and doing some special effects in Photoshop.

The thing about shooting weddings is that there are so many things to remember to shoot! You have all of the stuff with the bride and groom naturally, but then you have family shots, and bridal party shots. You have the actual ceremony, and all of the receptions. Plus, brides nowadays expect a lot more. They want speciality shots; flowers, environment, detail shots, and most importantly rings. This picture is a ring shot I did on my shoes, with my and my own husband’s wedding rings. I wanted to try and do something I hadn’t seen before. The bright yellow shoes add an sunshine quality to image, and I felt like really reflected the happiness you see after you have worked as many weddings as I have.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XS

Lens: 15-55 mm IS

Date: August 2011

Location: Dayton, Ohio

























“A Ring is a Halo on your Finger.” -Doug Coupland



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