Down to the Wire

The best part of taking pictures is finding interesting things to shoot! In Europe, you see a lot of street artists who are proficient in a whole array of different mediums. One night in Nuremberg, my husband and I stumbled upon a wire artist who was making animals and machines. I fell in love with his interpretation of the aligator, and brought it home. With a little glass under it, this one wire made not only the shape of the animal, but all sorts of interesting shapes and reflections in the glass!

Reflection in photography was one of the tactics I started perfecting last year. It is kind of tough to start out, especially in low light situations where my hands are sometimes to shaky to shoot without the external flash. But what I really love about this shot is how it gives a personality to the the the artwork that I feel was even reflective of the artist himself that we met.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XS

Lens: 15-55 mm IS

Date: May 2012

Location: Bad Windsheim, Germany


“An Artist is not paid for his Labor but for his Vision.” -James Whistler


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